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Suction Cups 101

Posted by Ashley on

Spectrum offers a large assortment of items with suction cups that can be used throughout the home. Our suction cups are a great option to adhere product to a surface with the added benefit that they are movable and non-permanent. 

Since the 1860’s, when the first patent was issued for a suction cup, consumers have struggled to figure out the proper way to get them to stick for extended periods of time. Here are some tips that, once and for all, solve the mystery:

1. Suction cups should only be applied to a smooth, hard, non-porous surface.

2. Clean the surface with a household cleaner. Be sure to rinse and dry thoroughly.

3. Rinse the inside of the suction cup under warm water. Shake off any excess water.

4. Press the suction cup firmly in place. Make sure there are no air bubbles between the cup and the surface you are mounting on.

5. Allow the suction cup to set before adding any weight.

Now that you’ve mastered getting your suction cups to work properly, you can follow in the footsteps of Dan Goodwin, who has scaled many skyscrapers, including Sears Tower with a pair of suction cups in 1981, but we suggest you simply use them in the kitchen, bathroom, office and closet.