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​Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro With Spectrum

Posted by Ashley on

What makes a kitchen functional is not how much space you have, but how you make the most of your space. Whether you have a large or small kitchen area, organizing it with our helpful tips below will dramatically create the illusion of more space, along with better flow and organization. Start exploring ways to improve your kitchen today.

1. Store Unruly Plastic Bags: Neatly store excess plastic grocery and shopping bags in an easily accessible location that’s hidden out of view. To make the most efficient use of your space, Spectrum offers a variety of bag holders for wall and cabinet mounting and over- the-cabinet designs.


2. Re-arrange Items in your Cabinets: Maximize cupboard space by rearranging plates and dishware based on your every day needs. Store frequently used dishes on bottom shelves for quick and easy access and special occasion serveware on upper shelves. This simple tip creates better flow and organizes your pantry for the most efficient use of your allocated space. Additionally, if you are in need of more cabinet space, a cabinet shelf or over-the-shelf basket can quickly double your storage space and prove to be a very useful kitchen, or bathroom, organizer. 

Stemware glasses are generally fragile and can unknowingly clutter cabinets due to their size. Because of this reason, they should be stored in a separate location from the rest of your glassware. Stemware holders that conveniently mount underneath a cabinet or to a wall are your best option to declutter cabinets and gain additional storage for other items.

Instead of storing cutting boards, cookie sheets and other bakeware on top of one another, use a Spectrum kitchen organizer. Not only does this create better organization within your cabinets but you now have easier access to frequently used bakeware, thus eliminating the frustrating task of searching through messy, disorganized cabinets. The Ashley Over the Cabinet Cutting Board & Bakeware Holder and Ashley Wall Mount Cutting Board & Bakeware Holder are also popular alternatives to using an in-cabinet organizer.


3. Limit Plastic Containers: Plastic containers accumulate fast and take up valuable cabinet space. It’s best to recycle old plastic containers you pick up at the supermarket or restaurant and stick to reusable containers with interlocking lids. The different size lids easily snap together while each container neatly nests inside another. This will provide you with more space to work with, not to mention, eliminate the aggravation of finding mismatched containers and lids. An over-the-cabinet lid holder is also a great solution for keeping lids together and ready for use.

4. Take Advantage of Unused Space: It’s easy to maximize otherwise wasted space behind cabinet doors by storing frequently used kitchen items. This space is usually disregarded, but with Spectrum’s innovative over-the-cabinet organizers, everyday essentials such as towels, dish soap, plastic wrap, and trash bags become organized and kept at your fingertips.

Spectrum’s over-the-cabinet collections include hooks, towel bars and towel rings, baskets, paper towel holders, and trash bag holders. All featuring padded brackets to protect cabinets, each item easily slides on and off cabinet doors without the need for tools or installation.


5. Use Your Wall: Start hanging from your wall or ceiling for creative storage solutions. Pots and pans can be hung on a ceiling pot rack while utensils and other kitchen gadgets can be mounted to peg board or a magnetic strip. Freeing up precious cupboard space will instantly create the illusion of a larger kitchen by giving you more storage and prep space. Check out Spectrum’s #041 and #083 wall mount organizers. Wall mounted baskets also add depth and function to your kitchen. Spectrum’s new pegboard and wall mount baskets save space and add a unique vintage-style charm to an organizing project