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Kitchen Sponges: Discover Practical Solutions from Spectrum to Keep Them Clean!

Posted by Ashley on

Keep Your Kitchen Sponge Clean and Out of the Sink!

When we stumbled upon "Sponges Left in Sinks Become Fecal Germ Bombs", we had to learn more. Low and behold, kitchen sinks provide the ideal environment for harmful bacteria growth such as E. coli and salmonella. Did you know kitchen sinks have been shown to be filthier than bathroom toilets? The fact of the matter is many people disinfect their toilets much more frequently than their sinks. With leftover food particles attracting bugs, traces of raw meat juices and poorly cleaned sink basins, kitchen sponges exposed to such an environment quickly become a breeding frenzy.

Fortunately, Spectrum creates an entire line of sink organizers that keep all of your essentials (sponges, brushes and soaps) off of your sink basin where germs live. The thought of tools used to CLEAN the items we eat and cook with resting in a dirty sink gives us the chills. Shop some of our favorites below or view our entire collection on our website.


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Keep your dishes clean and germ-free and help reduce the likelihood of contamination with our organizers. Available in many styles and colors - they are functional, fashionable and the perfect addition to a clean, organized sink. Shop Spectrum's sink organizers today!

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