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Easy Ways to Create an Organized Garage for Your Home

Posted by Ashley on

Re-configuring your garage into an aesthetically pleasing and functional storage space is among this year’s hottest new trends. Garages aren’t designed to simply park vehicles; they bestow many different functions such as an entry for guests, workshop, man cave or storage unit. Each garage has the potential to become a multi-functional space with decorative storage appeal.

Pegboard/Wall Mount
Pegboard is a popular design element rapidly making its way into the home. It’s no surprise; pegboard offers many advantages when used as a garage storage solution. Visibility, customization, versatility and cost savings are among a few. Make pegboard organization go even further with Spectrum’s peggable wire baskets. Available in various sizes, they are perfect for storing landscaping and household tools, gardening and cleaning supplies, extension cords, and more. Each basket includes built-in peg hooks which also work on slat wall and come with optional wall mount hardware (if pegboard is not available). Take full advantage of your walls by using every square inch of space. These mountable baskets make even the smallest garages appear larger and more organized. 

Utility Racks
Another multi-purpose storage tool is utility racks. Store everything from lawn and gardening tools, brooms and rakes, to sports equipment and other outdoor belongings. Spectrum offers six wall mount utility racks ranging in size and design. Available in a unique industrial gray finish that pairs well with any space, items will be organized and easy to access. Create endless storage options by using multiple storage racks together.

With a wide selection of storage baskets to choose from, Spectrum’s baskets corral clutter and keep all those miscellaneous tools, cleaners and paint brushes neatly organized. Add these baskets to a shelf for convenient access with no wasted floor space. Spectrum’s newest arrival, the Macklin Medium Basket, uses a combination of wire and perforated sheet metal to create a unique look. This basket also resists rust, making it the perfect long-lasting storage basket for the garage. In addition, a label plate allows you to personalize and mark your stored contents.

Reorganizing your garage into a useful workplace may seem intimidating at first, but with the help from Spectrum’s innovative garage storage solutions, nothing is unreachable. Shop Spectrum’s organizational garage products here.