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Create a Home Workspace in 4 Easy Steps

Posted by Hannah on

Step 1: What are your needs?

  • Is this a family workspace? Will your kids be doing homework, crafts, or other activities?
  • Is this a multifunctional workspace? Will it be your home office by day and reading room by night?
  • Or is this strictly business? Do you run a company out of your home or work remotely?

These questions are necessary when designing a space that works for you! You want a space that is not only organized and functional but makes you happy to be there.

Step 2: Find the right spot.

Decide what size space works best for you. Not all workspaces have to take up an entire room. Perhaps the corner of your living room or kitchen suits your needs. Whatever it is, we’ll help you get organized so you can make the best use of your workspace.

Step 3: Get organized.

Now we get into the details. Your workspace should be neat and accessible. We know we don’t need to tell you this, but keep that desk organized! The worst feeling in the world is looking for that missing file while you’re in the middle of an important conference call. Take some time to re-evaluate your needs. Here are a couple of our favorite workspace options:

Step 4: Be resourceful.

Use your space wisely. Make use of your shelving space with our large variety of bins and baskets. These items come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they’ll surely store all your clutter! 


Follow this step-by-step guide, stay on track and before you know it, you'll be have the home workspace of your dreams!