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Create a Home That’s Clutter Free with These Easy Tips

Posted by Ashley on

Most people have a door mat to prevent dirt from migrating into their home, but what about a system to keep clutter out? The best way to control untidiness is to prevent it, so give these ideas a try:

  • Review mail as soon as it arrives. Sort your mail over a garbage can or recycling bin so junk mail never makes its way into your home. Once you have determined which pieces to keep, sort by urgency. Address critical items immediately. For a great tool to keep important mail items organized and in a central location, try Spectrum’s mail organizers.
  • Avoid impulse purchases. This can seem obvious, but it’s something we all struggle with. We see something that catches our eye, buy it, and it never surfaces again. To avoid this common mistake, always keep a wish list on hand everywhere you go. That way, when you see something you want but don’t really need, add it to the list. After waiting a week, revisit your list. Decide if you truly need, love, or have-to-have anything on your list. If so, go get it and enjoy, but if not, cross it off your list and realize you just prevented clutter and saved some of your hard earned cash.
  • Know when to say no. Whether you are shopping online or in-store, do you ever catch yourself saying, “If it doesn’t work, I can always return it?” The pitfall with this mindset is do you actually end up returning the items? It’s easy to forget and often times once you remember you need to make a return, the deadline has passed and now you’re stuck with the item(s). Oftentimes our homes become filled with unwanted things that compound clutter problems. If you don’t absolutely love the item in the store or online, don’t buy it. Look for something better that fits your needs or desires and feel good knowing you avoided potential clutter and saved your money.
  • Store belongings in the appropriate location. Clutter often results when things don’t have a home or the given home is in an inconvenient place. You wouldn’t store your jewelry box in the kitchen or living room; likewise, why wouldn’t you keep your car keys on a key rack in your entryway, garage or next to the door where they are easy to find? Finding a home for your household items is just as important as storing them in a spot that’s convenient and purposeful. When you store things where you use them, they are easier to use, find, and put away once finished.

When you see clutter in your home, ask yourself, does the item have a home? Is the item kept where it is used? If not, look for ways to carve out space and move the items where they are most frequently used. When you do, you’ll be one step closer towards a clutter free home.

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