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Craft Room Organization Part 1: How to Store & Organize Your Craft Supplies with Spectrum’s Baskets

Posted by Ashley on

With the growth of Pinterest, DIY art and craft projects are trending at an extraordinary rate. Whether you have an entire room or small dedicated space for your crafts, the following Spectrum baskets will allow you to stay inspired and get any craft area organized and looking great.

Pegboard/Slat Wall

Baskets are a necessity when it comes to craft storage. They hold and store almost anything. To make the most use of your space, install pegboard on your walls to take advantage of unused vertical space. Check out Spectrum’s pegboard baskets below which can also be used on slat wall. Keep everything from ribbon, yarn, paints, coloring books, cardstock, glue and scissors stored neatly out of the way. An added bonus with these baskets is you are free to move them as needed to accommodate different sizes or to create a stylish new look. Built-in peg hooks and optional wall mount hardware are included.

Wall Mount

Wall mounted baskets are a great alternative if you don’t have pegboard readily available. Using blank wall space to hold your craft supplies is a proven way to get more square footage of storage space. Our Vintage Wall Mount Basket and Vintage Wall Mount Tray shown below feature holding plates for labeling purposes and come with matching hardware for quick and easy installation. Choose from many styles, colors and sizes; browse all of Spectrum’s versatile wall mount baskets here

Over the Cabinet & Over the Shelf

If your cabinet space comes at a premium, discover the brilliant way of doubling your storage with over-the-cabinet baskets. By simply sliding over cabinet doors, extra space is created that was previously wasted. Their open design makes it the perfect holding place for miscellaneous supplies and hefty tools so they are easy to find and hidden when not in use. You can also get creative and use the open gaps to easily reel ribbon without worrying about making a tangled mess. The brackets are lined with foam padding to prevent damage to cabinets.

Likewise, over-the-shelf baskets provide the same effect. Wide support bars allow the basket to hang sturdily under a shelf while the large opening creates easy access to store and remove items. Sketchbooks, journals and craft paper can finally have a proper storage spot that’s neatly tucked away. Each of Spectrum’s over-the-shelf baskets include bracket pads to prevent slipping during use.

Stacking/On the Shelf

Last and certainly not least, every craft room should have colorful, functional and modular storage bins or baskets. As shown below, some of our favorite picks are the Macklin Medium Basket and Ashley Stacking Baskets. The Macklin features a label plate and decorative handle that’s available in six unique colors: pink, teal, white, bronze, gray and zinc plated. Stacking baskets allow you to store up, up and away for true space-saving capabilities. Stack as many as you’d like until you run out of room!

Another great option is a multi-tiered basket for different levels of storage. The 2-Tier Corner Basket fits snug against a wall corner to utilize awkward space. Optional wall mount hardware is also included for corner wall mounting. Find these and other baskets and trays for all your craft needs here

We guarantee these baskets will prove to be incredibly useful in any room you choose to organize. The great thing about basket organization is they are not limited to solely organizing one room; they are multi-functional. With the holidays approaching, we suggest keeping seasonal gift wrap, paper bags, bows and ribbon stored neatly together in any one of our baskets. One of our favorites is the trendy copper finish in our Scoop collection. The shiny and colorful tone adds a festive flair to any space while keeping holiday décor, gift wrap and party supplies organized and easy to find. Shop Spectrum today for all your basket needs.

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