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5 Great Home Organizational Goals to Try in 2017

Posted by Ashley on

Now that we reached 2017, it is the perfect time to start a new organizational plan that can be used throughout the year. Below are five easy goals to help ring in the New Year while having an organized philosophy in mind.

1. Eliminate Clutter

Whether you struggle with piles of mail on the counter, shoes cluttering the entryway or children’s toys overtaking your living room, it’s good to know there is a solution. First, ask yourself, do I have a proper home for these items? If not, search for an easy fix. For mail, place a basket or mail organizer in your kitchen or office for east mail organization. If space is available, put a shoe rack in a closet or small cube organizer where shoes can be placed in baskets for quick and hidden storage. Whatever space you currently struggle with, find organizational products that are right for you. Once you have a system in place, you’ll be one step closer to maintaining a clutter-free home.

2. Out with the Old, In with the New

The start of the New Year is a great time to gather and go through items in your home that have no physical or emotional value. Start in your closet and donate clothes that no longer fit or haven’t been worn in a year. Next, move on to the bathroom or kitchen. Toss expired perishables and products from the pantry and medicine cabinet. Don’t forget to tackle that junk drawer too! Do this in every room of your home. When you get rid of old items with no significant value, you feel a sense of accomplishment and create new space for all the items you received during the holidays.

3. Learn or Start a New Hobby

Are you into crafting, cooking, sports, reading or photography? There’s something out there for everyone. Find a hobby that makes you happy and one that has the potential of bringing in extra income. Take calligraphy for instance; if you have the talent, consider handwriting wedding, birthday or baby shower invitations, addressing holiday cards and more. If finding a hobby is new to you, browse these 17 great ideas from BuzzFeed

Once you stick with a hobby, you’ll appreciate other aspects in your life and learn how to juggle them. When it comes to organizing, it is no different. Once you learn how to stay organized in your daily life, after repetition it will shortly become second nature.

4. Get Creative with Your Space

You don’t need a house with large square footage to make a space practical and efficient. It’s all about the layout and functionality of the room. However, when working with a smaller space, you need to be a little more creative. Many of Spectrum’s products are created for use in spaces that you may not have considered for storage. For instance, if vanity space comes at a premium, consider using a wine rack to keep hair products stacked vertically to save space or an over the cabinet basket to add further storage. For more creative ideas, check out these 100 best home organization hacks here.


5. Go Paperless

Paper is one of the hardest forms of clutter to control. If you don’t already, sign up for paperless billing, subscriptions and notifications. For the paper you still receive, consider storing it in a magazine rack, file holder or even mail organizer. After a period of time has passed or a large stack has been collected, sort through your paperwork. With the passage of time and the accumulation of papers, it will be easy to determine what to keep and what to recycle.


We can assure you, if you stick with these goals throughout the year, your habits will start turning into long-term objectives that will help keep your home clutter-free. In honor of the New Year, enjoy Spectrum’s special savings. Shop our website now through 1/31/17 and use NEWYEAR at checkout to save 15% on your entire order.