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Bathroom Out of Control? The 4 Organizing Tools You Need Now

Posted by Ashley on

Hairdryers, hairspray bottles, toothpaste, nail polish, combs, there any room more prone to clutter than a bathroom?

If your bathroom is driving you crazy, take control once and for all with some of our favorite bathroom organizing tools. These organizers make the most of cramped spaces and give everything a rightful place, turning a chaotic mess into the peaceful, organized oasis your bathroom should be.

1. An Over-the-Cabinet Organizer

We’ve extolled the benefits of over-the-cabinet organizers before (like in this post on organizing your kitchen like a pro), and the same applies to your bathroom. Make the most of unused space by using the back of your cabinet doors to hold hair brushes, lotions, curling irons, and more. Items stay neatly out of sight but are still close at hand when you need them.

You can find over-the-cabinet organizers with a variety of features to fit your needs, from holsters for a hair dryer to tall baskets to fit hair accessories and hair spray. One of our favorites is the Grid Over the Cabinet Tall Styling Center seen above, which has two holsters and a basket for unwieldy hair appliances and supplies.


2. A Suction Cup Shower Organizer (or Five!)

Always fighting with your significant other for shelving space in the shower, or knocking your shampoo off the edge of the bathtub? The great thing about these suction cup organizers is that you can put them wherever is most convenient for you, whether it’s up high, down low, or even in the corner.

Spectrum’s Contempo Shower Basket above includes hooks for your razor or loofah, but you can find suction cup organizers in a variety of forms, from a holder for your sponge to a simple hook for a washcloth or back scrubber. Find one to fill a specific purpose or pick several to create shower storage wherever, whenever you need it.


3. Organizing Drawer Trays


Let’s be honest—no matter how many times you clean out your bathroom drawers, it’s easy for them to become a jumbled mess of band-aids, hair ties, dental floss, and who knows what. Give your bathroom drawer some structure by dividing it into compartments with small trays. Design your own layout depending on the size of the drawer and what you want to store, or you can take a note from your kitchen and organize accessories, brushes, and makeup in a silverware tray. Either way, it will hopefully take you much less time to find those nail clippers! 


4. A Nail Polish Organizer

It’s a pain to dig through nail polish bottles to find the right color! This three-tiered nail polish organizer is one of our favorite bathroom organizing tools because it not only keeps your nail polish tidy and easily accessible, but it gives you several options for placement: it can be mounted on the wall, displayed on the counter, or fit nicely in a cabinet. Getting those nail polish bottles out of your drawer frees up space for other items and makes it more likely you’ll actually paint your nails!


So that’s that—four bathroom organizers that can help any bathroom get started down the road to tidiness! If these didn’t quite fit the bill for your organizational needs, take a look at the rest of the hundreds of organization products on, all created by some of the best designers in the industry and all built to last.

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