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How to Keep Your Kitchen Sponges & Brushes Cleaner Than Ever!

Posted by Jill on

As you can imagine, working at a storage & organization company, many of us are neat freaks. When we stumbled upon "6 Surprisingly Dirty Places in Your Home" (ewwww), we needed to learn more.  Low and behold, the kitchen sink was at the top of the list. Fortunately, Spectrum creates an entire line of Sink Organization that keeps all of your essentials - sponges, brushes and soaps - off of your sink basin where germs live. The thought of tools used to CLEAN the items we eat and cook with resting in a DIRTY sink...well, it gives us the shakes. 

Keep your dishes clean and germ-free and reduce the likelihood of contamination with our organizers. Available in several styles and many colors - they are functional, fashionable and the perfect addition to a clean, organized sink. Here's to happy and healthy!! Shop Spectrum's Sink Organizers here:

Need Additional Cabinet Space? Discover Clever Ways to Use Your Cabinet Doors

Using your cabinet doors is a great way to utilize every square inch in your home. Over the cabinet organizers create additional storage space for all of your cleaning, bath, kitchen and laundry room supplies. From storage baskets to paper towel holders and everything in between, products will be neatly stored and tucked away while having quick and easy access. Browse [...]

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Bathroom Out of Control? The 4 Organizing Tools You Need Now

Hairdryers, hairspray bottles, toothpaste, nail polish, combs, there any room more prone to clutter than a bathroom?If your bathroom is driving you crazy, take control once and for all with some of our favorite bathroom organizing tools. These organizers make the most of cramped spaces and give everything a rightful place, turning a chaotic [...]

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5 Great Home Organizational Goals to Try in 2017

Now that we reached 2017, it is the perfect time to start a new organizational plan that can be used throughout the year. Below are five easy goals to help ring in the New Year while having an organized philosophy in mind.1. Eliminate ClutterWhether you struggle with piles of mail on the counter, shoes cluttering the entryway or children’s toys [...]

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6 Simple Ways to Eliminate Clutter After the Holidays

As the holidays come to a close, a great new year’s resolution would be to reorganize your home. Organized and clutter-free homes are easy to maintain by following a few simple rules and a little self discipline. The following tips can help you start planning your reorganizing strategy immediately following the holidays.Toss Outdated Items As you find room to [...]

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Craft Room Organization Part 2: Find Creative New Uses with Spectrum Products for Your Crafting Area

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Finding new ways to use everyday products expands your creativity and know-how. Just knowing that you are reusing or repurposing common household items into useful new solutions for your crafting needs is an incredible feeling. Below are just a few ideas of creative new uses for things you probably already have that [...]

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Craft Room Organization Part 1: How to Store & Organize Your Craft Supplies with Spectrum’s Baskets

With the growth of Pinterest, DIY art and craft projects are trending at an extraordinary rate. Whether you have an entire room or small dedicated space for your crafts, the following Spectrum baskets will allow you to stay inspired and get any craft area organized and looking great.Pegboard/Slat WallBaskets are a necessity when it comes to craft storage. [...]

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Back to College: Essentials for a Great Looking & Functional Dorm Room

It’s hard to believe classes will be back in session shortly. Whether you are a college freshman who is about to experience living on your own or a returning upperclassman with rental housing, it’s important to invest in proper storage and organizing essentials to make college life easier. With move-in day right around the corner, now is the perfect [...]

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Creative and Affordable Wedding Décor Ideas: Spectrum Wedding Organization Series Part 2

  Looking for the perfect serving platter or table décor for your big day? To get the most bang for your buck, look for pieces you can reuse or re-purpose as household items after the wedding. Below are some ideas and inspirations on the latest wedding décor trends and the multi-use Spectrum products that can help you achieve the [...]

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Unique Bridal Shower Gifts: Spectrum Wedding Organization Series Part 1

Over 2.5 million people stroll down the wedding aisle to say their “I-do’s” every year. June is the most popular month to get married, followed by October and September – proving cooler temperatures and gorgeous colors provide the perfect backdrop for wedding bliss.Where there’s a wedding, there are showers, registries and choosing the perfect wedding theme for a magical [...]

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