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Space Savers – Part 2: Organize The Office

Posted by Hannah on

Offices can be multi functional spaces used for business, schoolwork, or your children’s arts and crafts. With all that can go on in an office, it’s important to use the space wisely. In part 2 of our Space Saver Series, we’re going to check out a few ways you can make the most of your office space.

  1. Remember those pegboards we mentioned for the garage? Consider moving those inside! Mount a few of Spectrum’s pegboards and display those high-use items front and center. If your office space is mainly for crafting, think about hanging a few hooks for your scissors, X-Acto knives, or rulers! If your office is mainly for business, consider connecting a wire basket that can hold pens, business cards, and incoming/outgoing mail.


  2. Baskets are a great way to organize your shelves while keeping things visible and easily accessible - and of course, stylish. Spectrum's baskets range in all shapes, sizes, and styles to keep with the theme and purpose of your office space. Looking for a trendy vintage flare? Check out the medium and large Macklin baskets.


  3. If you like to keep your most important reads out on your shelves, be sure to check out our variety of bookends. Our bookends keep your books from toppling over and from taking up too much space on your shelves.


  4. The worst office spaces are those covered in papers. Imagine how much space you’d have if those papers were organized in files? Spectrum’s got you covered with a number of file organizers to keep your desk organized and clean.


Browse the space saver products mentioned above plus many other Spectrum's office products here

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