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Organization Tips for Small Bathrooms

bathroom organization

Whether it’s your first apartment or a new dorm, small bathroom can present organization hardship. With limited cabinet space and little to no drawer space, it can be challenging to find a way to keep your bathroom essentials neat and orderly. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks that will not only solve your storage woes, but they will also add a decorative element to your walls and countertops.

How to Maximize Storage in a Small Bathroom

Utilize Dead Cabinet Space

over the cabinet storage bathroom organization

If you’re lucky enough to have a shelf in your bathroom cabinets, use it wisely! Store items all the way to the back of the cabinet. Use a basket that can slide in and out of shelves, which will keep all the items easily accessible, even in the back.

You can also think about how often you use items, and place the products you use frequently toward the front. Use the back of the cabinets to store extra bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant, and keep your daily-use items like makeup, hair products, and lotions in the front. This way, you won’t have to pull baskets all the way out to grab your mascara in the morning.

Additionally, utilize the dead space just inside the cabinet door. Over-the-cabinet baskets and trays can hold a variety of items without any installation, and they often fit nicely to fill the space above the products on the base of the cabinet to maximize limited space. Many even come with designated slots for hair dryers, flat irons, and other tricky styling tools to streamline storage even more.

Use Your Walls to Create Additional Storage Space

guest bathroom organization

Once you’ve maxed out your cabinet space, you’ll need to look elsewhere for storage. If you have drawers, organize those first. Use small baskets or silverware organizers to keep makeup and brushes organized and easy to find. Separating personal care items like nail clippers from your eyeshadow will make it easier to find what you need when you need it.

bathroom drawer organization

If you aren’t lucky enough to have drawers, you’ll need to be creative with additional storage. Wall-mounted baskets and bins can be a saving grace. Wire baskets looks stylish on the wall, and they can be stacked in twos and threes to create multi-tiered bathroom organization.

Additionally, wall-mounted spice racks can hold small items, like nail polish or makeup. This can keep your counters clear and opens up more space in your cabinets for other supplies. These are great for makeup wipes, brushes, palettes, cotton balls, and swabs.

Store Items Decoratively

bathroom countertop storage

Making your storage look pretty helps your bathroom feel like an oasis without sacrificing on functionality. Place single-use items like cotton balls and swabs in glass jars that nestle nicely into your shelves. They’ll look uniform and high-end, and you know they’ll always fit in their intended storage place. Additionally, use attractive beauty caddies or organizers to hold your makeup brushes, palettes, hairbrushes, combs, and styling tools on your countertop. Arranging these items in a decorative organizer eliminates the bulky mess these items often create and instead inspires a neat, stylish vanity.

bathroom storage

For shower and bath items, use your wall-mounted baskets and cubbies intentionally. Place your most attractive products near the front of the basket, and shift less attractive bottles to the back. You can also roll towels to fit on shelves, creating a spa-like atmosphere with minimal effort.

Spectrum believes in the beauty of organization. Our wall-mounted baskets, over-the-cabinet storage, and countertop organizers will not only help tidy up your space, but they will also beautify it. Explore our bathroom storage and organization options for inspiration for your space.

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