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Discover our Newest Kitchen Collection Madison & Save 15%

Posted by Ashley on

New Month. New Look. Same Great Style!

The Madison collection has arrived and we can't wait to spread the news! This 5-piece line includes a napkin holder, paper towel holder, fruit bowl, banana holder and fruit tree.

The evenly balanced steel wire accented with dark wood tones create an elegant and sophisticated look that's sure to impress. Keep pantry staples neat and orderly while adding a touch of style to your kitchen décor. Shop Spectrum now and save 15% off your entire purchase using "MADISON" at checkout.

Remember, you receive free shipping on orders $50+ when shipping within the continental U.S. 

Biting into a fresh, crisp apple on a cool autumn day is just one of the many perks of fall! If you enjoy your in-season fruit, it's imperative you keep your produce properly stored. Spectrum's Madison Fruit Bowl helps keep produce fresh longer while adding a stylish touch to your kitchen countertop.

The Madison Banana Holder gives bananas and other small fruit an elegant holding place. The tray on the bottom is perfect for keeping clementines, kiwi, single bananas and more neatly stored.

Keep bananas and a larger amount of fruit neatly displayed using the Madison Fruit Tree. Perfect for larger produce such as apples, oranges, pears, lemons, mango's and peaches, this 2-in-1 storage piece makes an excellent kitchen accessory!

Make dinners at the dining table and entertaining a breeze with this stylish and sophisticated Madison Napkin Holder. Handles allow it to be easily moved from room to room or taken outdoors for a barbecue.

Messes and spills are no match when paper towels are kept nearby. Spectrum's Madison Paper Towel Holder accommodates up to jumbo paper towel rolls, giving you the freedom to buy regular or jumbo rolls.

Save 15% through October 31, 2017 with code "MADISON"

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