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The Home Edit

Clea and Joanna over at The Home Edit know their business. That is, the business of getting organized and creating smart, functional spaces throughout the home. Located in Nashville, they specialize in going into client's homes, assessing the areas that need help, forming a plan and implementing it. Their website is filled with before-and-after photos that will inspire anyone to get organized. Equally impressive is their elite clienteleChristina Applegate, Selma Blair, Marla Sokoloff and Rebecca Gayheart & Eric Dane to name a few.

In a few of their recent projects, they used three Spectrum products to make some amazing transformations. Areas that were previously unorganized and overfilled made it difficult to find items and keep track of what was where. Time is a valuable thing; no one wants to spend ten minutes looking for spices in the pantry or shampoo in the bathroom closet. After a visit from Clea and Joanna, the spaces were turned into systemized storage areas with everything having a designated space and making all items visible and easy to find. An added bonus, once cleaned and organized, these spaces looked twice as large. We call that a win/win for sure.  See the gallery below and how Spectrum's creative storage solutions can help with your next project. 

Project Gallery (All images courtesy of The Home Edit):

Constance Zimmer's Pantry:  You've probably seen Constance on any one of these great shows: Entourage, Boston Legal or House of Cards. Her pantry proved to be a challenge because a lot of the space is hard to reach. This is a common problem in any pantry with very deep shelves or shelves too high that make it difficult to get to everyday or frequently used items. Our Scoop Tray was used on the top two shelves for items such as jars, spices and cans. Our Storage Basket, on the bottom two shelves is perfect for storing bagged foods and table linens. Not only are the baskets perfect for keeping everything in one spot, as opposed to laying flat all over the shelves, but items within can be categorized: granola bars; nuts and snacks; pasta; rice's.  Once you have it all in place, label the front of the basket for easy-to-see identification.      

Catherine McCord's Office:  Catherine is the founder of the popular Weelicious, a website/blog dedicated to creating healthy meals and educating children on how to cook in the process. Our Medium Storage Baskets were used on side-by-side shelving units and worked well here for several reasons: The satin nickel finish complements the metal shelving perfectly; our sturdy baskets are designed for maximum storage; and lastly, identifying the contents of your basket is a breeze with the label tag included on the front. 

Private Home Bookshelf Organization:  Home offices are more common than ever before. What better way to make work seem effortless than by having a well-decorated and organized space to be in all day. Grab a bookshelf and line it with several of our Scoop Trays to hold paperwork, coupons, school work and boxes of stationery.

Private Home Pantry:  The reorganized pantry is pretty amazing. For as many items that are being stored, it could not be laid out any better. Everything has a logical home and is grouped together appropriately.  Spectrum's Tiered Shelf Organizer is used for can storage. With large cans towards the back you can easily see each one at a glance - no moving and rearranging needed. Our Storage Baskets & Scoop Tray are used on the top and bottom shelves to create individual storage units that can be easily removed and put back, keeping everything neat, orderly and easy to find.

homeeditcandice.jpg  homeeditcatherine.jpg  homeeditbookshelf.jpg  homeeditpantry1.jpg

Are you ready to tackle reorganizing your own pantry and office? Follow these steps to make the process easier:

1.  Empty the space completely; wipe down shelves, walls and floor. 

2.  Sort into three categories. TOSS. You can do it, we know you can! DONATE your junk truly is someone else's treasure!  KEEP everything you simply can't do without!

3.  Divide items you are keeping into groups; perhaps by most-used, like-items, or by function. This is your space, so have fun and customize it to best fit your needs.

4.  Grab your Spectrum baskets, trays and pantry organizers; fill accordingly with your groups of products.

5.  Now the fun part, start to place your baskets, etc on the shelves. Move and rearrange as needed until you have the exact look and feel you want to achieve.

5.  Stand back, admire your hard work and pat yourself on the back.

An organized home is a beautiful thing...