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It All Started With Paint


It's pretty clear that bloggers love our baskets for just about any kind of project - and it's for good reason. Our baskets are sturdy, come in many sizes and functions, and are nice to look at! As much as we love our baskets "just as they are" (any Bridget Jones fans out there?), we are very appreciate when someone comes along, adds their personal touch and wow, turns our baskets into something downright gorgeous.

This truly is one of our favorite re-do's of our product for the simple fact that we love anything old, worn and vintage-y. When it comes to homes and decor, the older, the better. It's nice to have items with (or look like they have) some history behind them. 

Linda from It All Started With Paint is enormously talented and creative, and what she can do with paint is quite charming.

This project requires just several items:

The best part of this project is that you don't need to be all neat and careful - after an initial coat of gray paint, Linda haphazardly dry brushed an additional coat of white/black paint mixed together to dull the finish, giving it a worn look.  See before-and-after images below. Linda's blog can be read here for the specifics:

locker-basket-before-2-thumb.jpg locker-basket-aged-6.jpg     locker-basket-aged-vintage.jpg