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iHeart Organizing

Jen Jones from iHeart Organizing knows what she's talking about when it comes to being organized. She's a wife, mom of three, full-time blogger and a contributor to the Better Homes & Gardens Style Blog. She also has a gorgeous, functional, cleverly organized home that allows her to spend less time looking for household items and more time with her family.  Jen states: "I once read somewhere that the average person spends forty minutes per day searching for things.  YIKES!  I also read somewhere that for every minute invested in getting organized, an hour is earned.  That is an amazing return on your investment, I couldn't be more certain of that!" With the above statement in mind, we're always thrilled when Jen uses Spectrum products for her organizing projects. She's done several blogs with Spectrum products and each is featured below.

Back to School: Dorm Room Organizing Tips:  Jen revisited her college days when she organized a dorm using several Spectrum Baskets.

Jen used our Scoop Small Stacking Basket in a storage cabinet two ways:  as a storage bin for cleaning supplies and for keeping plastic, reusable bottles together. With dorms typically having little space, baskets really come in handy to corral items neatly together.   Although Jen used these baskets separately, they can also be stacked on top of one another.  Each basket features handles that fold inward to allow for vertical stacking. Pretty clever, don't you agree? These baskets are available in small and medium in either a bronze or satin nickel powder coat finish. You can read Jen's Back to School blog here: 


   jen2.jpg   jen5x.jpg

Our Ashley Large Stacking Baskets were placed side-by-side on top of a bookshelf to store plastic items in one and file folders in the other. Like our Scoop Stacking Basket above, these can be stacked on top of each other for vertical storage.  On the right, Jen used our Storage Basket to keep fluffy, pink towels within easy reach.

jen3.jpg   jen6.jpg   jen4.jpg

Jen's next project was updating her son's room to make it both fun and study friendly. She put our Vintage Entryway Station to good use by hanging it close to his door. Upon entering the room, he can drop off books, his backpack, and any other quick-to-grab items.  On his way out the door, he can find everything he needs in one place. Jen's blog on the entire room update can be found here:

154xx.jpg   154xxx.jpg

Up next, Jen "Exercised her Right To Be Organized" (so cute!) by getting her home gym in tip-top shape. Working out is much more fun and enjoyable when you do it in an adorable and functional room. Our Storage Basket keeps towels, fitness magazines, and other workout essentials neatly in one place. Read her blog here:

jen7.jpg   jen8.jpg   jen9.jpg

A HUGE thanks goes to Jen for such great ideas and clever uses of our product. Watch for more to come from iHeart Organizing soon!