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Store Fixtures and Visual Merchandising

Shown above - Spectrum's Storage Basket in Chrome - Item 47870


Making the most of visual merchandising in your brick & mortar storefront has never been more important. An inviting, well-defined and easy-to-shop retail display not only attracts customers but encourages multiple purchases and return visits. Spectrum's innovative and unique store fixtures create smart, attractive displays that are cost-effective and functional.  

Spectrum Diversified Designs offers a wide variety of fixtures & displays for commercial use including:

Commercial Customer Benefits

  • Quality made products
  • Competitive and affordable pricing
  • On-time shipments out of our Northeast Ohio warehouse
  • Dedicated sales team
  • World class customer service 

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Countertop Baskets:

Baskets used as a retail display can be found in almost every store - they are one of the easiest and most functional ways to organize product. They are the perfect choice for creating wire basket displays and dump bins. When strategically placed next to registers and high-shopped areas, wire baskets drive impulse sales. 

47870-osh-kosh-store.jpg  47876-nordstroms.jpg  47976-nordstrom-1-for-bc-website3.jpg

Wall Mount Baskets:

If you're lacking counter space or looking for something unique, try Spectrum's Wall Mount Triple Storage Basket or Wall Mount 4-Tier Vertical Basket Rack. These wall mounted bins offer divided compartments for maximum storage while taking advantage of unused wall space. Display products, catalogs/magazines or even cleaning supplies in your back room...the options are endless.


Choose from our wide range of Wall Mount Baskets to create upscale, on-trend, eye-catching displays throughout your store. Perfect for boutique store displays, all of our wall mounted baskets can be mounted on a wall or used on a flat-surface such as a countertop. If you prefer to mark your contents, check out our Vintage Wall Mount Basket or Tray which include a label plate for easy customization.


Our Pegboard/Slat Wall/Wall Mount Baskets are your do-it-all, put-anywhere basket! They are a triple threat with the ability to be merchandised three different ways - be it on the wall, pegboard or slat wall. Move them as needed and create a fresh, different display as often as you'd like. 

88176-fruit-rev.jpg 88376-pasta-rev.jpg 88176-potatoes-rev.jpg

Stacking Baskets:

Encourage impulse sales as customers wait in line with our stacking baskets placed on countertops near the register. Since they stack vertically, they require a small footprint but still achieve major storage capacity. Available in two different styles (Ashley and Scoop) and in a number of sizes (all baskets sold individually).


Complete your store organization with our Grid and Twist Tray Organizers and Pencil Cups to keep small items neatly displayed or stored. Perfect for items around the cash register such as receipts, pens, pencils and other supplies.


Wall Mount Hooks & Racks:

Wall mounted hooks and racks allow break and locker rooms, closets and changing rooms to be properly equipped with functional storage solutions. Choose from a range of single, double and triple hooks as well as hat-and-coat style hooks. Use a sturdy wall mount rack in your waiting room for guests to hang coats and belongings or try our Stratford Wall Mount 4-Double Hook Wood Rack for displaying belts and scarves.


Hanging Accessory Holders:

Spectrum offers many display solutions for showcasing your hanging items. Our organizers are ideal for merchandising clothing such as tops, ties and purses. 

Our Rod Hook shows off denim in a unique way.

Jewelry Holders:

Keep necklaces and bracelets neat and orderly while on display. Customers can browse with ease without making a tangled mess. Choose between our Ashley and Leaf 6-Tier Jewelry Holders. These clever organizers can also be used to hold watches, hair ties and head bands.


Whatever your display or store organization needs are, we've got you covered. Our sales team looks forward to working with you to get the best items at the best price into your store. Contact us now.