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Ultimate Sports Craft Ice Molds - Set of 4

Give the perfect gift to the sports fans in your life: Tovolo's Ultimate Sports Ice Molds including football, baseball, soccer ball, and basketball designs.

  • Detailed Shapes: Ice slides out of the flexible silicone molds easily, leaving you with highly detailed sports ball shapes.
  • Keep Drinks Colder Longer: Ice chills drinks quickly and are slow to melt, for a long-lasting, refreshing drink.
  • Stackable Set: Neatly stack molds one on top of the other for optimum freezer space.
  • Tight Seal: Tight-fitting lid seals out freezer odors and prevents spills.
  • Enjoy Without Worry: Sturdy plastic construction, leak-proof design and water fill line prevents spills.
  • Dimensions: Football: 4.25" L X 3.75" W X 2.75" H; Basketball: 3.5" L X 4.25" W X 3.25" H; Soccerball: 4.15" L X 3.10" W X 6.70" H; Baseball: 3.5" L X 4.25" W X 3.25" H.
  • To Clean: Durable, food-grade molds are BPA-free. Wash with soap and water. Dishwasher safe.
  • $19.99

    Flex-Core Spatula Set SS S/5 Black

    Flex-Core Spatula Set SS S/5 Black

    Cupcake Scoop Deep Indigo

    Clean Fingers: No more pushing batter off the spoon with your fingers; by using this cupcake scoop, you are sure to have clean fingers for the entire bake!Slide Batter Into Pans: Use the sliding button to deposit batter into the cupcake or muffin tin - the button slides the silicone plunger to the end of the scoop, scraping the mixture from the sides to leave a clean path.Keep Counters Clean: Scoop supports batter, minimizing the chances of spills or splatters while pouring batter into the pan - the curved edge keeps the batter in the scoop until the plunger pushes it neatly into the pan.Even Batch: Use methodical pouring with this scoop to ensure every cupcake in the batch is the right size and shape.Dimensions and Care: Measures 2.5" L x 1" W x 8.25" H. To clean, wash with soap and water. Dishwasher safe.

    Stainless Steel Whip Whisk Set of 3

    Multi-purpose whip whisks plus a bonus mini whisk for use in small bowls.

  • Set Includes: 6" Mini, 9" Whip and 11" Whip Whisks.
  • Sturdy Whip Whisks: Perfect for whisking egg whites, whipping cream, and blending ingredients. Use to mix dry ingredients gently to replicate sifting.
  • Whip Up Something Small: Small and mighty, the Mini Whisk is perfect for roux, eggs, dressings and marinades. Works well in small containers.
  • Thin Wires for Whipping: Springy wires with wide gaps incorporate more air into your light, fluffy batters, meringues, and whipped cream.
  • Sturdy Stainless Steel: Wires do not bend as you whisk, whip, stir, mix, and combine ingredients. The handle fits comfortably in hand.
  • Dimensions: 6" Mini Whisk: 6" L x 7.25" W x 7.75" D. 11" Whisk Whip: 11" L x 3.25" W x 3.25" D; 9" Whisk Whip: 9" L x 2.75" W x 2.75" D.
  • To Clean: Dishwasher safe.
  • $29.99